With the gospel of prosperity, the popularization of financial resources and the example of the American dream that crosses borders through the media, many Christians think they must be rich.

With sacrificial offerings, they try to activate the blessing and believe that they will become a millionaire, while some biblical reasons show us that it will never be. I suggest you discover the reasons that make me think that.

1. You never manage millions

A fortune you get too fast in the beginning will not benefit later.
Proverb 20.21

Several celebrities whose actor Will Smith and boxer Mac Tyson have both found themselves “penniless” after winning several million dollars. Their modest origins did not prepare them to handle so much money. What the Bible teaches has come true. They did not take advantage of their first millions. Afterwards, they hired accountants and financial experts to help them. Thanks to the help they received, they are no longer broke.

Even you would not give €1000 to a child of 8 years. Why would God do it with you? We must first master the management of the little that God gives us brilliantly, multiply it and eventually if that is the will, it will give us opportunities to increase our income.

2. Jesus did not come to earth to make you rich

Jesus came to save us from sin and reconcile us to the Father. This is the ultimate reason for his coming. Of course we must pray for our personal needs because in the “Our Father”, Jesus recommends it to us. But, there is a difference a need and a desire. The need is necessary for your survival, the desire is not.

It is a certain and totally worthy word that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, of which I am the first.
1 Timothy 1.15

3. This is not what God calls you

Let him who is taught the word share all his goods with him who teaches it.
Galatians 6.6

The 21st century has introduced the hour of pastors “entrepreneurs” who are rich. Some are really thanks to their companies and others thanks to the many donations made to them.

Paul was a tentmaker to avoid being in charge of the church, but the Bible does not give an example of a servant who became rich thanks to the gifts of the faithful. What the Bible teaches us is that as soon as a person contributes to your spiritual growth primarily through his teachings, you have to share some of your income with it. It also teaches us that churches had running costs that had to be paid by members.

If God calls you to be a servant or a servant of God, then it is normal for the church to provide for you either by salary or by benefits in kind, payment for transportation, provision of housing, etc. but it is very far from wealth unless you have an extremely large church or all your faithful are millionaires.

Members should not finance extravagances but what is necessary and correct.

4. The real fortunes are created over several generations

Historically the greatest fortunes have not been formed in a day and even less in a single generation. The greatest French wealth has generally started with great grandparents entrepreneurs who have trained their children and grandchildren. At the end of the 3rd or 4th generation, the management of several millions of income becomes a normality.

Families who become rich in a single generation are rare and most of the time the means they used to get there does not respect Christian ethics.

In the Old Testament, God promised wealth to his people, to a nation and not to individuals in particular. Of course, he can promise an individual that he will be rich. Nevertheless, God does not contradict himself, the way in which he will do it will take time, and will ask the interested person to evolve by palliating. Integrity, wisdom and intelligence are non-negotiable virtues to see the promise of God manifest.

If God calls you to be rich you must be ready to work for it and when wealth will come this is what the Bible recommends you do with:

Recommend to the rich of the present century not to be proud, and not to put their hope in uncertain riches, but to put it in God, who gives us abundantly all things for us to enjoy. Recommend them to do good, to be rich in good works, to have liberality, generosity, and thus to gather for the future a treasure placed on a solid foundation, in order to seize life true.
1 Timothy 6.17-19

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