The pride of a man lowers him, but he who is humble in spirit obtains glory.
Proverb 29.23

These last 3 years have signed the launch of my visibility on social networks and face-to-face. As part of my association FemmEsprit, the Lord opened the doors and we organized 3 conferences and several workshops that met a great success.

The feedback were:

      • I never experienced an event where the presence of God was so tangible. He spoke to me through each intervention.
      • Thank you for obeying your call
      • I’m not the same since this event, I was transformed.
      • This is the best investment I could make this year …
      • I did not expect that ! It’s too good …

My team tells me:

      • You do not realize that “you are a star”
      • You do not realize how people are blessed by what you do
      • When I said yes to volunteering with FemmEsprit, I did not think it would become that!

I do not tell you all that to make you believe that I am famous, that I am anointed or that God is using me for his glory. Absolutely not, besides I am not at all sensitive to flattery. I tell you that because I have always wondered about the internal management of “success”:

      • How not to feign humility, to act as if one is humble but in fact one likes to be the object of all the attention.
      • How to point people constantly to the Word and Christ?
      • How to empower my clients or community spiritually so that the Holy Spirit is truly their guide and me just a temporary crutch.
      • How to have a caring leadership so that every member of my team will flourish and evolve
      • How to reflect Christ and his humility in every aspect of my life.

What is close to me know that I do not care about being known. I am extremely aware of the greatness of God in the face of my insignificance, many think that I exaggerate and tell it to me. But lately, reading a book by William McDowell, I realized that I was right and I want to share with you what I think is necessary for us to remain humble:

1. Recognize that we are nothing

We are only earthen vessels, mortal and fallible people whom God in his grace has chosen to use. We did not do anything for that, we do not deserve it, everything is pure grace! Being deeply aware of this helps us to relativize the impact that God is doing through us.

We carry this treasure in earthen vessels so that this great power may be attributed to God, not to us.
2 Corinthians 4.7

2. To fight daily so as not to be considered exceptional

I call him back. Your hands do not heal anyone, it is God who does it. Your preaching is not powerful, it is the Word of God which is it. You are not exceptionally creative, it is the Holy Spirit who inspires you.

If we are a blessing, people thank us and that’s normal! But we are not made to handle extraordinary attention. Just look at how celebrities surrounded by people who adulate them end up taking drugs, lose their heads and are interned …

We are not created and made to support the glory or the excessive attention. Glory belongs to God and that is why we must give it back to HIM

I systematically refuse honors and do not seek to be recognized anywhere. I rarely talk about what I do and I never recommend myself. I prefer to leave this to others who have experienced either my ministry, my training, my books or event.

Not to us, LORD, not to us, but to your name give glory, because of your goodness, because of your faithfulness!
Psalm 115.1

3. I authorize my team to take me back with respect

I encourage all members of my team to tell me what they think. I encourage constructive criticism and the Word even if it may not please me. They are the first to see me privately and the first to see if I take the big head.

I do not believe myself greater or more powerful than they spiritually. I do not believe myself perfect and immune against the big head.

They will not always be right, but their eyes and their observation may be relevant enough to allow me to question myself in the infrastructure and in my relationship with God.

Have the same feelings towards each other. Do not aspire to what is high, but let yourself be attracted by what is humble. Do not be wise in your own eyes.
Romans 12.16

4. Have the right posture

Posture is the attitude we have towards God and men. To be perpetually in reverence and in the expectation of his direction puts us in an attitude of dependence that forbids anyone to believe himself superior to anyone

5. Pay attention to my language

I think it is more beneficial for us and those benefiting from our ministry to share our mistakes and failures. Talk about his successes, the way God uses us, the greatness of our spiritual discipline, the anointing of our lives … We, us and the greatness of our “I”

From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (). To speak incessantly about one’s exploits instead of pointing people who are listening to us to the Word and Christ shows that we are not humble. Imbued with ourselves and egocentric, we have become addicts of the attention that the preaching of the Gospel gives us. We are no longer serving God and his message, but it is the opposite. We use his message and the grace he gives us to use the spotlight on us, to be in the light, to show how exceptionally gifted and holy we are. While the truth is that everything is grace!

Let’s pay attention! Let us be quick to use what God is doing through us to glorify ourselves on the contrary, share our flaws and let men and God bear witness to us.

6. Ask for advice and listen

I have 2 pastors and 1 professor of theology to whom I speak about the projects I have at heart and to whom I ask for advice for each decisive step towards my projects. I also have some rare friends who know me before all this starts and suddenly are able to detect the purity of my motivations.

People who are not interested in my gifts, talents or abilities but rather what God wants to do through me. Their experiences, their questions, their opinions, their arguments have the capacity to put me or put me back on the right path. The discussions with them allow the Holy Spirit to illuminate my intelligence while allowing me to be wise in my choices.

Projects fail where the advice is lacking; but they become stronger when there are many counselors.
Proverb 15.22

7. Pray regularly so that God reveals to me the state of my heart

Regularly praying for this allows the Holy Spirit to bring to light through the Word and inner convictions what I need to crucify, improve, or subject to. It is true that we must pray for the church, for the people we depend on, for souls to be saved … but taking care of asking the Holy Spirit to scan us is vital.

      • Vital for our intimacy with God
      • Vital for our growth
      • Vital for our humility
      • Vital to maintain good posture at the foot of God

Prove me, O God, and know my heart; feel me, and know my thoughts.
Psalm 139.23

Do you have other methods or trick to help you stay humble? Do not hesitate to share them with me in the comments.

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