And he sat down, and called the twelve, and said to them, If any man will be first, he shall be the last of all, and the servant of all.
Luke 9.35

On the way to Capernaum, the disciples wondered who was the greatest.

Who would not want to be among the greats of this world?
Who would not want to be powerfully used by God?
Who would not want his shadow to heal the sick?
Who would not want his business to be first in its field ?
Who would not want to be recognized as an exceptional person by his peers?
Who would not want to be among the big ones, to see the biggest?

I do not think it’s a bad thing to want to do great things for God or in the business community. Especially you are an entrepreneur, I think our products should stand out and be exceptional. I encourage all those who want to accomplish great things for God, who refuse the statuquo and are willing to pay the price in prayer, fasting and an irreproachable work ethic to accomplish great things.

Nevertheless, there is a small flat. Jesus does not reproach the disciples for their dream of greatness, but he explains to them the scale of greatness in the kingdom of God. This one does not work like the world. The fundamental difference is that the one who is great, the one who directs, the one who is powerfully used by God is the SERVANT OF OTHERS.

In the world, it’s the opposite. The bigger you are, the more things you do, the more successful you are, the more others are at your mercy, the more they must respect you, the more you can expect from them. You do not serve them, but they serve you, as a person and your vision. They are at your service.

It is not so for us leaders, Christian leaders

True greatness is deliberately and willingly choosing to serve others and God. True grandeur is not determined by status or title but in service. Do you wonder what such a leader looks like?

For a minister of God

  • Benevolence towards its faithful
  • To be interested in people, in their souls and not in what they can report to the ministry
  • Study the Word to transmit a pure gospel
  • To be available without neglecting his family
  • To be honest, humble and teachable. God can use a smaller one to teach us and take us back.
  • To serve through preaching, interviews, visits …

For a business person

  • Take care of yourself to give the best of itself to his team and his clients
  • Invest time in the relationship with our employees
  • Give the opportunity to our employees to take charge by delegating certain aspects of the company and let them manage in their own way (while respecting our values)
  • Listen to his team
  • Take an interest in them as a person and show kindness when they are going through a difficult time.
  • Have the best customer service on the planet that always finds a solution for customers and users.

To illustrate the example of the delegation, I would take a personal example. As you may already know, I have an association that organizes events, among other things. Each year we held an annual conference and the Lord gave me an event organizer. I spent time with her, much more than with others, and she really understood and adhered to the vision. I am someone whose brain only keeps running when I sleep. For example, I can tell him to look for a room, but I can not help but look on my side. She was never totally in charge of the event.

Then one day I saw her heart for this vision that God gave me, and she said to me busy being a speaker, I know my work. Since that day I dropped ballast, a lot of ballast. To the point where I refer everyone to her when it comes to the organization of the event or the selection of volunteers. This freedom allowed her to put in place “procedures” that I never thought of, but which are extremely relevant. I let her do what she wants, and she knows me as well as the vision so well that she never got out of the frame that God gave us. I also encourage members of my team to make constructive criticism knowing that I would still have the last word 🙂 but they know they can speak and give their opinion. I am also at their service because my goal is to bring out the best of them. My goal is that this platform that God has entrusted to me is also a blessing for her. We are above all a team, whose grace I have to be the visionary.

We must serve God, serve our members, serve our community, serve our people, serve our customers, serve our families. It is that, true greatness, it is that to be great in the kingdom of God.

You want to be great then serve others!

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