Make no mistake: you do not make fun of God. What a man has sown, he will also reap.
Galatians 6.7

Yesterday I saw a book that illustrated a diagram that allowed you to see if you had been effective in your day or not. Had it been productive for God because what I’m doing essentially is creating content that aims to inspire, build and equip Christians to live their destiny in Christ.

I had worked in the day. I had even revised my Hebrew. But I admit that I did not accomplish the priority tasks of the day. I had worked on what I liked but not what I had to work on. Being disciplined is one of the keys to fulfilling one’s destiny in Christ because it allows you to accomplish the task God has given you in the time allotted.

I have always been amazed by the people who wrote 40 books, who had 5 companies, who were married with 3 children and who found the time for all these things. Their secret? Discipline, do what they should do even when they do not want to do it and go all the way.

When I got up this morning, I wondered what I was sowing in my daily life. Did I sow:

  • the discipline to do in the time allotted to me what God wants me to do
  • eating healthy to have a healthy body in order to serve God long
  • a life of prayer, consecration and obedience to fulfill my destiny


  • a lack of discipline preventing me from being completely effective for the service of God
  • not taking care of my body and therefore not being able to give 100% of my strength to God
  • a life of prayer, consecration and obedience in a sawtooth

I admit that I have times when I am on “fleek” and others where I do not sow a seed in my life that glorifies God. The law of seed and harvest is valid for Christians and Gentiles. Mickael Jackson was trained from his childhood and had a strong work ethic he sowed and the fact that he was nicknamed the king of pop is not due to chance. I do not particularly appreciate Beyonce, but I am forced to see that this woman has a work ethic without which she would not be what she is today. The enemy does not recruit lazy people. They recruit people who can work, plan, repeat, sleep little to get there.

What about you? Do you sow :

  • a disciplined life that allows you to perform the tasks that God has entrusted to you
  • a life of obedience to God that allows you to be effective for his kingdom
  • a life of consecration illustrating your love and devotion to God
  • a productive life for God which is different from being busy.

Are you doing what you have to do now?

  • The book that God has put in your heart to write, have you finished?
  • The orphanage you have to create or where is this project so far ?
  • The business you have to start, where is it?
  • The ministry that asks you to invest even more in you. Are you investing in you or you are so busy that you can’t?

There is a time for everything under the sun. Today I realized that I did not give my best to God. That I did not sow seeds daily that would allow me to embody the one God sees when he looks at me. I was not always disciplined. Currently, I have trouble getting up early to do a lot of things during the day. I’m not focused, I’m not effective, I’m not disciplined, I do not read enough, I do not write enough (which is why the launch of the blog is late), I’m not literally my sport planning (which is why I have difficulty falling asleep) I do not do everything in due time and therefore I do not sow what it takes to manifest the woman God sees when he looks at me.

It is true ! I am also very anemic and very tired. But that does not excuse anything, because it’s adjustable. I am not terminally ill with cancer ? I just have to change my diet and take a treatment.

I encourage you this week to take make an assessment of your days.

  • Are they productive and focused on the mission God has given you?
  • Or are they scattered with distraction, a little work left and right, tasks that are not priorities ?
  • Are your days guided by God’s agenda for your life or your desires and chance because nothing is planned ?

I will not become and you will not become the person God sees when He looks at us if our focus is not to fulfill in a timely manner what He wants for us. I will not live and you will not live the accomplishment of what he has put on our heart, if we do not sow discipline, consecration, prayer, perseverance … We will not see what God has promised to us, if we do not sow daily habits and a lifestyle in accordance with the mission he has entrusted to us.

I encourage you this week to ask yourself these questions (pray before asking the Holy Spirit to enlighten you and advise you):

  • Have I finished the last thing God has put in my heart to do? If not
  • Why did not I finish it?
  • What is braking me?
  • What should I readjust in my daily or weekly organization to get there?
  • What must I change to embody the person God wants me to be?

My prayer is that at the end of this post you commit to sowing in your daily life choices, actions, a discipline that will allow you to accomplish, live and experience all that God has for you.

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